Dani (di_elle) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

SPOILER! The first 3 Minutes of "The Search" dubbed in Spanish!

Apparently a sample video of the Spanish dubbing has been uploaded: it's the first 3 minutes of Episode 14: The Search

The video is under the spoiler cut.

I do understand most of it, I'm currently translating it, will add as soon as I've done it.

ETA: Transcript added.

[Episode 14 Spoilers]

Outlander Movie from Independent Media Services on Vimeo.

MALE: Outlander
FEMALE: The Search

Mrs. Crook: Yes, madame
Jenny: Start milking the goat immediately and ask Grannie McNabb for some honey, she will know what it's for.
Mrs. Crook: Right away. I will put it the honey in the jar, as always.

Ian: what's your plan, Claire? Claire? What are going to do?
Claire: I'm going to get my husband back!
Ian: But you can't go alone! Give me a moment to get my strength (?) and I'll come with you
Claire: You can't go anywhere in your condition!Your leg is missing!
Ian: I'll make another
Jenny: you're not going anywhere with a wounded arm!
Ian: Take someone with you! Mrs. Crook! Tell Duncan to call all the men with good weapons!
Mrs. Crook: Yes, sir, right away!
Claire: No! Nobody will go anywhere, no one but me!
Ian: We need to do something and fast! Our Laird is in the clutches of the English!
Claire: If you go up against the English army to rescue Jamie, they will attach Lallybroach in retaliation and your Laird wouldn't want this to happen, especially for his sake.
Ian: At least let me help you is some way (be useful). I'll tell you where to start. Get me a feather and some paper, I'll try to draw you a map of the place we were ambushed.

Jenny (whispers to Mrs Crook): I leave her to your care

Claire: Where the hell do you think you are going? You just gave birth (?) you can't leave!
Jenny: You could have a map and you know the surrounding but this is not enough to to track soldiers

Claire voice-over: She was right. I did not know the area around Lallybroch. I could get out of there at times, but for how long? I knew very well that if there was any hope of finding Jamie I needed help or maybe a divine intervention.

thanks carminaburana and Giselle Pezoa Wattson for the help

thanks opalalpha for the heads up.

fen: we need a 1x14 tag
Tags: 1x14, season 1b, spoilers, video
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