Starshadow (arielstarshadow) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

Sam's FB Q&A

I don't have time to dig a lot yet, but figured we needed a post for it. This should link to it (I hope):
He's also chatting with folks on his personal page:

Looks like his middle name might possibly be "Roland" as per his comment that his middle name is "named after a famous 1980's puppet rat":

Also said he'd not yet screen tested with any 2nd season new characters? Good grief. "Not yet but do know a few actors who are auditioning! Exciting times!"

He just said "I hope so!" when someone asked if filming would move to the State.

Cheeky answer to "Boxers or Briefs": Neither

He's currently taking French lessons for Season Two prep

On his personal page, he said he's contracted for seven years (thought previously it was five??)
Tags: #askoutlander, press, promo, sam heughan
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