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Round Up Post! Edition: March 28 - April 4

ICYMI in the Last FFAF:

1B Promo w/ New Clips from Germany
Vine of Sam Speaking Gaelic in Toronto
Photo of Sam at Interview in Toronto
Photos and Videos of Sam Outside The Morning Show in Toronto
Win Tickets to the Season 2 Premiere in 2016
Photo & Interview of Sam at ET Canada
Interview w/ Diana
Photo of Sam and His Publicist Eating Dinner
New Sam Headshot on Leukemia & Lymphoma Charity Site
Video of Sam Greeting Fans in Canada
Starz Free Preview Weekend Sam Video & OL Promo
New Book 9 Daily Lines from DG
Director Metin in Prep for Season 2
GIFs of Sam on The Morning Show in Canada
KDS Sings Sam's Praises on Instagram
Sam Does Hair Flip on Command During Periscope Chat
LQ Canadian Trailer for 1B
Brief 1B Info From TV Guide
Video and GIFs of Sam & Cait on London Live
New 1B Still w/ Claire, Jamie, Ian & Jenny
Sam Video for Outlander Spain, E! Spoiler Chat & Info on 1x13
Cait & Donal Getting that Colbert MD Promo
Tom & Lorenzo Give Outlander Amazing Write Up!
More Sam in Canada Pictures!
Video and Pictures of Sam at JFK
BTS Photos of Cait in Glamour Italia
Cait Does the April Fool's Day Thing on Twitter
New 1B Still w/ Jamie & Claire
Photo & Info on WtSE Set Visit
SENSACINE Interviews w/ Sam & Cait (Spanish)
AH Interviews Sam About Dying His Hair, Learning French
Video of Sam & Cait on The Morning Blend
SM Photos of Graham, Gary & Lotte Around NYC
Photos of Lotte, Sam & Tobias Outside Sirius XM
Submit Q&A Questions for Bear
Great Interview w/ The Cast in Cosmo (now stanning for Gary Lewis 4 life)
Lotte Looking Gorgeous Doing Phone Interviews
Terry Gushes About Cait on Twitter
NYC Premiere Q&A Videos
Video of Bay Area HQ Sam & Cait Interview + Cait in a Music Video
Cait on Access Hollywood
Ginger Jaspers Sleeps through NYC Premiere; Sam Comments
Sam & Cait Tease OL in 10 Seconds
Cheeky Tobias Says One Direction is a Traffic Sign
New Stills from 1B from EW
Video of Cait at Yahoo Choosing Jamie or Frank
Vine of Sam Playing Mini Golf at Yahoo
OL on Cover of NY Post
Fan Photo of Sam at Dr. Oz Show
Video of Sam & Cait Providing OL Recap
Cute Video of Cast Interviews at NYC Premiere
People Now Video with Sam
Tobias Video Interview w/ Access Hollywood
Racked Article on the Return of Outlander
Sam Interview w/ Glamour
Tobias at Buzzfeed - Makes Up Definitions of Outdated English Words

Posts with Outlander News:

Episode 9 - "The Reckoning" Stills
The Independent: Outlander star Sam Heughan on why sex is so central to the futuristic show
SPOILER! The first 3 Minutes of "The Search" 1x14 dubbed in Spanish!
The Breakout Hit Outlander Is Finally Attracting Women to Starz
2 Cait interviews: sex scenes, violence, modeling and the struggle of becoming actress
Long makeup sessions leave Sam Heughan whipped in Starz's 'Outlander,'
New Episode 9: "The Reckoning" Video!!
Sam's Facebook Q&A
Sam's Q&A with The Wrap on Periscope
"Outlander" Stars Reveal Why Books' Infamous [SPOILER] Scene Was "Difficult" to Film
Clip: Outlander: Jamie is Confronted by Laoghaire in the Midseason Premiere
Cait interview with Los Angeles Daily News
‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Teases ‘Fallout’ Between Jamie and Claire (Spoilers)
***UPDATED*** Basically, You Haven't Lived Until You've Gone Scotch Tasting With Sam Heughan
From sketch to screen: The fashion of 'Outlander' Season One with designer Terry Dresbach
The Gorgeous Determination of Caitriona Balfe
'Outlander' showrunner Ronald D. Moore on the end of The Droughtlander
Updated: Sam Q&As with Toronto Star and Travel & Leisure
John Doyle: Outlander and the [Spoiler] heard around the world
NYC Premiere: Videos, Interviews, Reports.
New 1x09 Clip - "You Are My Wife" from EW + Sirius Interview Info
TVTango's Complete Guide to Outlander! (Some 1B Spoilers)
Caitriona on TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars”
New Sam/Cait interview with EW magazine
New Sam interview with Men's Fitness
Sam And Tobias interview with Wall Street Journal
Vanity Fair Raves (Again) & Reviews Season 1B (Minor Spoilers)
TVFanatic: Outlander Stars Tease Return; Intimacy, Danger, Heartbreak to Come
*Updated* Early 1B Review Round-Up
Sam on The Wrap's Drinking w/ The Stars
'Outlander' Star Caitriona Balfe on Playing TV's Sexiest, Most In-Control Woman
Canadian Sam: Interview & WTSE BTS video

Posts with Discussion/Community Focused:

Previously on... Outlander: Episode 7 - The Wedding
Previously on... Outlander: Episode 7 - The Wedding. Bonus: The Playlist
Live Discussion Post! Re-Watch of 1x08 - Both Sides Now
March Sassness Tournament - Vote for Best Scene from 1x08
NYC Premiere Live Discussion! (Starts at 5:45p ET)
Previously on... Outlander: Episode 8 - Both Sides Now

March Sassness Tournament:

March Sassness Tournament - Sweet 16 Part 1!
March Sassness Tournament - Sweet 16 Part 2!
March Sassness Tournament - Elite 8!
March Sassness Tournament - Final Four
March Sassness Tournament - The Finals
March Sassness Tournament - The Best Scene of 1A is...

Previous Round Up: March 21 - 28.
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