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Highlights from Ron Moore's 1x09 Podcast (ft. Matt B. Roberts)

Download the podcast HERE. (It also should show up on iTunes eventually)

- Blackness Castle (Fort William) was the first location Ron and Maril scouted, and it was freezing when they went.
- Jamie rappelling was a green screen, but they built the wall in a studio so Sam really was doing it - just not over water.
- The water they jump into was a tank.
- Ron regrets leaving in the Jamie voiceover about not killing Jack, he now thinks he should have just let the scene play (YES!).
- Ron loves that Claire, in general, refuses to back down (even if she's being blind to reality). Matt agrees that her stubbornness is noteworthy.
- At the beginning of shooting the season, Ron didn't want to use cranes. He wanted a hand held look ala BSG, but then he says this viewpoint evolved and he decided OL needed it's own type of look.
- The tavern was a redress of another tavern shot on the sound stage.
- Spanking was rehearsed on a separate day and they just "let [Sam & Cait] go with it".
- On set they always referred to the scene as "spanking" vs. "beating" because it was about justice and not violence.
- Matt believes Jamie acted (not angry, upfront) during the scene as how Jamie's father acted when he spanked him as a child.
- They played back the scene for 10 people with a bunch of women in the room to get feedback on the scene and the music cues. Matt was surprised that some of the women wanted it to have a darker feel.
- They shot a sequence of J&C coming into the courtyard at Castle Leoch but cut it for time.
- Also cut: scene of J&C first get to the room, scene of J&Murtagh talking about women in the kitchen.
- Ron believes L had a chance to marry Jamie if it not for Claire. Matt loves how Nell plays L's heartbreak.
- Ron thinks J's choice not to be with L was one of the biggest choices of the episode for J, bigger than his decision to counsel Colum. Jamie makes his choice to stay with Claire not because he has to, but because he wants to.
- Matt loves that while Gary is physically smaller than Graham/Sam, he makes Colum the biggest man in the room.
- There was more dialogue with Colum/Jamie about his place in the clan but it was cut for time.
- There was a little more banter between J/C before Claire says "think again" but it was cut.
- The snow in the scene outside was faked. Unfortunately there was no snow in other shots so they had to add it in to other establishing shots of scenes.
- Ron loves the division between Dougal and Colum and wishes he had another episode to explore that (people choosing sides, etc.).
- Ron moved up the Jamie/Colum/Dougal/Ned climax to earlier in the show (which makes it sound like originally it was meant for after the Laoghaire convo).
- Ron always includes establishing shots in his scripts, leftover from Star Trek days. Matt Roberts doesn't because he says he writes more visually.
- They shot the rocks skipping across the water at the end of the entire season of shooting. Matt directed a lot of that B Unit stuff. The camera operator was the one who was throwing the rocks as he was the only one that could get them to skip!
- Ron wanted Jamie to be more tempted by L, to the point of actually kissing (if he goes further into temptation it means more when he pulls back). Maril fought against that heavily and won the argument.
- Matt says of all the scenes other than the spanking, the J/L scene had the most controversy behind the scenes.
- Sam & Nell were told not to kiss but they had a hard time not going there while acting it out, so it was filmed. Ron just didn't use it in the final cut.
- The shots of Sam walking through the corridor were filmed on the last bit of set of Leoch that hadn't been torn down yet.
- Ron hates when people talk to each other in a mirror (Jamie and Claire), says it's a cinematic pet peeve of his.
(- Matt's pet peeve is when people are angry and they destroy something of their own.)
- Matt remembers watching Cait's casting tape and thinking they absolutely needed to see more of her. Same with Lotte (who originally read for Claire).
- Ron says casting is not his strong suit so he relied a lot on others who love doing it (Maril and Ira were mentioned).
- They both think sex scenes are the most intense, even more than duels or battles.
- Matt loves that Ron is OK with "letting the show breathe", so certain scenes get pages and pages (in this case, the sex). Let it run for 5 minutes if it needs to.
- They allowed a full day to shoot the sex scenes on purpose.
- Ron misses being on the set day to day now that he's a showrunner.
- Ron and Matt are both very proud of the episode.
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