Dani (di_elle) wrote in ontd_sassenach,

Cait, Lotte, Ron and Gary, Sam interviews with That's Normal

Very interesting (stop the presses!) interviews.
Cait talks about why Claire/Jamie works, the fight scene, What's the deal about Jamie and the intimacy of the sex scenes.

Cringed a bit at the second half of Lotte interview about the fandom but Lotte was gracious.

This is my favorite: Ron explains a bit how the writer room works, Gary talks Scotland history and Colum perspective. A bit spoilerish for the last episode towards the end.

Sam: intimacy ins sex scenes, shooting out of order, seeing more Jamie, fandom being intrusive on twitter and Jamie's hair they are all up his ass again.

fen, we may need a gary lewis tag
Tags: caitriona balfe, gary lewis, interview, ron d. moore, sam heughan, video
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