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Highlights from The Scot and the Sassenach Interview with Matt B. Roberts

The Scot and The Sassenach just posted an interview with Matt B. Roberts. Unfortunately, Alastair's sexy voice was absent from the episode but we did get to learn some new details:

  • Matt had a job as a script + book reader at a film production company. He was given the first 3 Outlander novels to read and became a fan.

  • He recommended the books to Maril Davis while she was working on Battlestar Galactica, whose offices were in the same building as his. He gave the books to her after overhearing a conversation of hers in the hallway.

  • He likes to use voiceovers as little as possible and only when necessary. Was someone twisting your arm on 1x09, Matt?

  • He wanted to make sure that Jamie was not angry in the spanking scene. Any anger on his part needed to be vented in the scene in the clearing.

  • Lani from TSatS called the added political scenes in 1x09 "interesting" which is code for "not my cup of tea."

  • At one point Matt said, "Diana, bless her heart." (I'm not southern so I won't try and read between the lines here.)

  • Even though Laoghaire's just a teenager, he sees her as a bold female character. "At this point in the story...Laoghaire is just a sixteen year old girl who has fallen in love with Jamie, and I might add that every other woman in the world has fallen in love with Jamie. To condemn a girl for for that, well...I don't know."

  • The way he sees interactions between Outlander's male characters is that when a guy is making fun of another guy that means he likes him. If he's ignoring him that means he doesn't like him.

  • He sees Jamie's conversations with Murtagh in future episodes as almost a substitute for Jamie voiceover.

  • He and the writers love Duncan and Murtagh and always want him to have more screentime.[Spoiler (click to open)]#savemurtagh

  • People will be pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised with what's to come in the rest of the season. Unpleasant in the sense of it being uncomfortable.

  • On the most controversial scene in 1x09: "I know Jamie didn't shout out...'hey, I love my wife and I don't love you!' but he's also a compassionate man who only a few scenes earlier felt the feeling of having his guts torn out by love. I've always respected Jamie as a person who has empathy for people and I don't think he wanted to tear her [Laoghaire's] guts out at that moment."

  • He thinks J+C's marriage really starts when Jamie makes the vow to Claire with the knife.

  • Frank was turned into an anti-hero in 1x08.

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