Putting the "Sass" in "Sassenach".

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We stan kilts, knits, and JAMMF - an Outlander (books & show) community. We snark because we love.

(TY FOREVER beesknees7)

Community Guidelines

MEMBERSHIP IS MODERATED to keep out troll accounts. If you have 0 friends and 0 updates in your journal, or are a brand new account, you will likely be rejected, unless you contact a moderator in advance. Feel free to message a mod or send an e-mail to ontd.sassenach@gmail.com prior to applying or if you feel you were rejected in error.

Due to the nature of the community, (we're a spinoff of ONTD, so this should be obvious) FFA posts, loving but snarky analysis, unpopular opinions, silliness, and GIFs abound. As a result a lot of our posts are members locked, we hope you understand.

Please do not post comments or #insiderscoops shared in locked posts to other social media platforms. We realize anyone can join the community and thus see these comments, but we'd like to keep some things just within our walls as much as we can. Honor system!

DON'T HOTLINK IMAGES. USE IMGUR or TINYPIC instead by copying the image, going to imgur.com and clicking the upload option. Paste the image and select upload. Right click the image and you've got a new image URL that won't mysteriously disappear overnight. To post an image/GIF, use the following code:

DON'T SPOILERS WITHOUT USING A SPOILER CUT! This includes in the comment section. The sole exception to this is posts (posts, not comment threads of any other discussion threads) that are clearly marked as having spoilers for a certain book, it is then to be assumed that book spoilers are to be found in the comments and you are therefore off the hook.

Coding a spoiler cut is incredibly easy, and once you've got the hang of it, you probably won't even think about it before your hands are typing them out. But for those HTML-challenged, here's how you code them:

Replace the "lj-spoiler" with "lj-cut" and you now also know how to add cuts to your post. Which we also expect you to do. Have respect for the Friends Page of your fellow members. When making book posts, it would be appreciated if your lj-cut was some sort of spoiler alert, but we're not going to make that a hard rule just yet. We do expect you to make use of the "spoiler" tag, though.


When posting Youtube videos, please check viewing availability. Be considerate of our non-American members, and post an unrestricted mirror (whether URL or full embed) as soon as you are able. If for some reason you aren't able to do so, alert the mods and we'll look into it.

KEEP HEADER IMAGES IN POSTS TO A PIXEL WIDTH OF 550 OR LESS in order to keep the side navigation bar visible. You can resize it using HTML by using this code:

Please do not make posts just to advertise another community or forum. Not that we don't love more Outlander fans, it just takes away from the other content. You are welcome to advertise in FFA posts that are marked as such.

For the time being, the tag list is going to remain restricted. Tags can be requested by messaging a mod.

Check out our Glossary of Sass Terms (aka the Diqtionary™) if you're feeling a little lost by any lingo used in posts or comments.

Follow us on Twitter @ONTD_Sassenach!

Thanks so much to chapmangrl for our community's icon! <3

And yes, Dragonfly in Amber does get better about halfway in. Just keep reading!

(PRAISE YOUR LIGHT chapmangrl)

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